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Green Seattle Partnership Event: 11/7-11/13

Roots to Learning is excited to support Green Seattle Days as a way to encourage students and adults to get involved in their local environment and learn how to better support the local ecology for the benefit of us all! Join daily virtual learning experiences on a variety of topics and then get outdoors and explore! From the Green Seattle Partnership website: This year, Green Seattle Day is going virtual! We invite you to participate in one week of nature exploration, learning, and celebration of Seattle’s urban forest. Seattle’s urban forest coexists with our city. We interact with it in many ways, as do other animals and elements. Caring for and stewarding Seattle’s urban forest is very important because it would not be able to thrive and be healthy without our help. All the elements of Seattle’s ecosystem are effected by climate change, including us. Click on any link below to find resources and activities for learning about topics vital to the environment!

Help! I’ve Caught the Bitmoji Classroom Bug!

Which, all things considered, is definitely less problematic than catching another bug that is currently rewriting reality, but I may have to stage an intervention soon because Bitmoji classrooms are honestly turning out to be a little too fun, and I didn’t think I would say that about anything in 2020! I continue to find silver linings in the current state of the world as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic which has altered each of our lives in numerous ways for better and worse. It might be possible that the teacher of the year will indeed be nature, in the guise of a virus, here to show us just how out of alignment we are on both the micro and macro levels, from our relationships with ourselves and with others, to our relationships with social institutions and the earth.  For certain, there is serious work to be done. But I believe within that work are spaces for joy and play, and it’s my hope that we can find the expansiveness this moment, and every moment, demands so …