Video: Inside the Dyslexic Brain | What Causes Dyslexia? via Video: Inside the Dyslexic Brain | What Causes Dyslexia? — S.O.A.R. Tutoring & Advocacy This is a great, informative, though concise, video about the brain function of dyslexic individuals from TEDEd!  Please share with educators and other individuals in your life!


Higher Creativity & Lower Working Memory

This is a worthwhile read. I have found the information presented here to be consistent with the profiles many of my own dyslexic students.

The Homework Folder

Daily & Semi-Daily Homework Teaching a student to use a homework folder with pockets labeled "Homework to Do" and "Homework to Turn In" is a vital step in materials management and homework completion. For students using a three ring binder, a clear homework folder should be purchased and placed in the front of the binder. I …

Binder Systems

There are so many 3-ring binders & filers on the market, it can be challenging to decide what one will be the best fit. If a student decides to use a 3-ring, or is required to do so, then he/she must have a 3-ring hole punch stored inside for ease of filing papers. Many students don't like …