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What is ADHD?  Diagnosis and Definitions

Taking Charge of ADHD: A Handbook for Parents, Excerpt, Russell Barkley

ADHD: A Handbook for Diagnosis, Excerpt, Russell Barkley

 ADHD Resources
Compiled by Roots To Learning

Attention Deficit Symptoms and Treatment for Children 

National Institute of Mental Health: ADHD Guide

Understanding Girls with ADHD–Quinn & Nadeau

PBS-Frontline: Medicating kids, Interview with Dr. Peter Jensen

 PBS: Misunderstood Minds

ADDitude Magazine

LD Online

Paula’s Special Education Links & Information

ADHD and Gifted Individuals

Gifted Children with ADHD

ADHD and Homework, Organization, Time Management

ADHD Organization Help for Children (and Their Parents)

Helping Children with Organization and Study Skills

Timers for ADHD Children 

The Problem with Procrastination

Late, Lost, Unprepared: Summary

Study Skills – A Handout for Parents from LD Online

ADHD at School: For Teachers & Parents

Strategies For Teaching Youth with ADD

Instructional Practices for ADHD Students


Intervention Central

Response to Intervention Action Network

Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation: School Accommodations

ADHD and Adults

Taking Charge of Adult ADHD, Excerpt, Russell Barkley

Women with ADHD, Nadeau & Quinn

Adult Attention Deficit Checklist