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Green Seattle Partnership Event: 11/7-11/13

Green Seattle Days

Roots to Learning is excited to support Green Seattle Days as a way to encourage students and adults to get involved in their local environment and learn how to better support the local ecology for the benefit of us all!

Join daily virtual learning experiences on a variety of topics and then get outdoors and explore!

From the Green Seattle Partnership website:

This year, Green Seattle Day is going virtual! We invite you to participate in one week of nature exploration, learning, and celebration of Seattle’s urban forest. Seattle’s urban forest coexists with our city. We interact with it in many ways, as do other animals and elements. Caring for and stewarding Seattle’s urban forest is very important because it would not be able to thrive and be healthy without our help. All the elements of Seattle’s ecosystem are effected by climate change, including us.

To access the grid and activities visit:

Click on any link below to find resources and activities for learning about topics vital to the environment!

9/8/20 Adults with ADHD: Russell Barkley Webinar



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Adults with ADHD

“ADHD in adults is among the most impairing outpatient disorders seen in clinical practice. ADHD is viewed as a disorder of self-regulation and executive functioning. The condition has an adverse affect on family functioning, self-care and independence, education, peer relationships, sexual activities, driving, money management, occupational functioning, antisocial behavior, substance abuse, marriage, and child rearing, among others. 

ADHD expert Russell Barkley will discuss the latest research on how to meet the many challenges facing adults with ADHD — from diagnosis and evaluation to everyday symptom management. Adults will also learn about the most effective treatments for managing common risks while living with ADHD.”

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Exploring Cultural Bias, Racism, & Otherism: Online weekend retreat 8/21-23 w/Rev. Seiho Mudo Morris



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Exploring Cultural Bias

About the Event

From Rev. Seiho’s curriculum for this retreat:

“Hate speech, cultural bias, racism, and otherism are the accelerants for the explosion of violence that is affecting every single marginalized group in America, like the images we’ve seen of a nuclear bomb blast, a mushroom cloud moving in all directions and engulfing everything in its path.

“Functionally we have two choices. We have to take positive action, or go into inaction. It is not enough simply to ‘Bear Witness.’ If we do not act, the forces of cultural bias, racism, and otherism will feed that cloud of hate and violence that is its own form of radiation, and will ultimately end one’s life.

“Walt Whitman wrote: ‘…You are here – life exists and identity … the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.’ This is my verse and my contribution, based on my 31 years of long-term recovery from addiction, beginning when I was a teenager. Having grown up in Twelve Step Fellowships, using the Twelve Step Model originated by Alcoholics Anonymous, what I’ve noticed and found so elegant over the years is that, no matter in what direction you point the flashlight of these Twelve Steps, however they’re modified, they shine brightly, lighting a path out of a place of personal and collective suffering, violence, and sadness.”

During this three-day immersion program, Rev. Seiho will guide participants through a Twelve Step Awareness and Awakening Process framework. This is an opportunity to explore and work with Cultural Bias, Racism, and Otherism, as we learn as a society to meet the unfinished work of the past. Participants will receive a copy of a 20-page instruction and practice guide developed by Rev. Seiho.

Teacher Bio

Rev. Seiho Mudo Morris is an ordained Rinzai Zen Buddhist monk, having trained and practiced in the Zen tradition for nearly three decades, as well as receiving formal training and empowerments in Tibetan Nyingma and Sakya lineages in various teachings and practices, over the past three years.

Seiho has been providing workshops and immersion practices related to cultural/racial bias, racism and otherism, harmonizing the Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path and a specifically revised expression Twelve Step principles; in an effort to help support and advance a path of change related to racism.

Seiho has been providing workshops and immersion practices related to cultural/racial bias, racism and otherism, harmonizing the Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path and a specifically revised expression of Twelve Step principles in an effort to help support and advance a path of change related to racism. He has conducted programs at Sundiatia Festival in Seattle, Washington; Nalanda West; The Gathering II: Buddhist Teachers Black-African Descent 2019; Choboji Dai Bai Zan; True Freedom Yoga;  and most recently at Boundless Heart Sangha.

He has been in long-term recovery for the last 33 years, and is a former addictions counselor, program director and facility administrator. He is currently on the administrative team of a behavioral health facility in the State of Maryland. He regularly  offers 3- and 5-day Zen and Twelve Step immersion practices.

Source & Registration: Flowering Lotus Event Page

Upcoming Online Event: 8/19/20

Empowering Educators: A Convening on Racial Equity in Education

The AU Antiracist Research and Policy Center is proud to partner with First Book and Pizza Hut to present Empowering Educators: A Convening on Racial Equity in Education. Featuring National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Jason Reynolds, as well as award-winning educator Liz Kleinrock, and AU scholars, this event will support K-12 educators in engaging in effective, courageous conversations about race and social justice.


Register HERE


Welcome | 11AM EST/8AM PST
Session One | Using the Empowering Educators Guidebook | 11:15AM/8:15am
Keynote | Teaching Humanity with Jason Reynolds | 12:30PM
Session Two | The Importance of Antiracist Teaching | 1:30PM
Closing Remarks | 2:45PM

Registration will allow you to access the event’s recording if you are unable to attend.




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Empowering Educators