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Help! I’ve Caught the Bitmoji Classroom Bug!

Which, all things considered, is definitely less problematic than catching another bug that is currently rewriting reality, but I may have to stage an intervention soon because Bitmoji classrooms are honestly turning out to be a little too fun, and I didn’t think I would say that about anything in 2020!

I continue to find silver linings in the current state of the world as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic which has altered each of our lives in numerous ways for better and worse. It might be possible that the teacher of the year will indeed be nature, in the guise of a virus, here to show us just how out of alignment we are on both the micro and macro levels, from our relationships with ourselves and with others, to our relationships with social institutions and the earth.  For certain, there is serious work to be done. But I believe within that work are spaces for joy and play, and it’s my hope that we can find the expansiveness this moment, and every moment, demands so that we may grow in the right directions.

While parents, students, and teachers await word from their districts and individual schools on what the year will look like, we teachers are learning more and more about powerful technologies that can best serve our students in a virtual environment and make learning (and teaching) creative, expansive and fun!

Thanks to one of my close friends, a special education teacher, I have been whisked into the world of the Bitmoji classrooms! Aaaand… I can’t stop creating them.

Linked here is my Bitmoji room designed for teachers, parents, and students needing movement exercises and information to help with the handwriting process. Let me know what you think!

I will be publishing more resources soon for handwriting help!

In the meantime, here is the corresponding handout I created with all the exercises and links to OT resources and articles, including those not in the Bitmoji room: Proprioceptive Exercises for Handwriting

Stay tuned for access to more of my Bitmoji learning spaces and more on how parents and teachers can encourage reluctant writers to use this application to create book reports, lab reports, memoirs, and more!

Wishing you ease, friends!