Media Arts Opportunities for Youth


About The Northwest Film Forum

For nearly 20 years, The Northwest Film Forum in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood has brought a variety of acclaimed and rare independent and classic films to audiences.  The Children’s Film Festival is a highlight of the organization, displaying the best of international films for children.

Additionally, the Forum provides student filmmakers with an opporutunity to learn the history and craft through numerous workshops, which are held throughout the year, and include week-long summer intensives.  If you or your child is interested in filmmaking, check out what the Forum has to offer!

Other Visual Media Opportunities for Youth in Seattle

911 Media Arts 

Reel Grrls: For 10 years Reel Grrls has provided young women from all socio-economic levels the opportunity to make an impact through the production of  visual media.  I had the honor to work with Mallory Graham and Lucia Ramirez, the founders, and many other tremendous women and young girls as a mentor and writing workshop instructor during the first two years of Reel Grrls.

If you have a daughter or know a young woman who is interested in making media, I highly recommend this organization!