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Updates and Additions: 11-24-11

When I first began this post, it read: “It’s already mid-October, six months after I first launched this website in the burst of spring.”

Now, it’s already the end of November and I am starting to catch my breath just in time for the holidays! As a teacher, the feeling of time slipping away is ever-present as I continually evaluate my students’ progress and compare it to the goals we have established.  As the first trimester of the school year comes to an end, it signals a sense of urgency, despite the fact that spring seems so far away.

A few weeks ago I listened closely as Garrison Keillor spoke of  smoke and leather, and “leaves falling like a multicolored prayer” and of the chill in the air that “ignites ambition after these months of slouching around in paradise,” how we are “moved to want to make something of ourselves, do something in our lives” now that autumn, in its seriousness, has settled in.

And so I have finally continued the construction of this site, digging away at the months of collecting and contemplating, note-taking and bookmarking to harvest the first fruits of my labor.

You will find many new Links categories and corresponding online resources.  I will add to these weekly and aim to provide a Website Spotlight of my favorite online resources.

I have created a new Welcome page and provided information about my background and work on the About Me page.  My Music page is bursting with links to educational and just plain delightful music resources to integrate into learning or just enjoy for music’s sake.

Additionally, you will find updates to all of my posts,  a recent posting on dyslexia and relevant resources, and information on dyscalculia within Parent Resources.

Be on the lookout for 504 and IEP accommodation print resources located in parent resources, a review of children’s books for developing phonological awareness, and much more.

Feel free to contact me with questions and ideas concerning education or anything on this site.  Just click the Contact Me tab!

Catch those tumbling leaves and the last eye-popping colors clinging to the trees while you can!