Roots to Learning is a Seattle-based independent education and consulting service specializing in one-on-one instruction for typically developing students and those diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD.

You can read more about my background, educational philosophy and services here.

As an extension of my instructional services, this website provides students, parents, and teachers with my own articles and materials, as well as carefully selected links and resources on a variety of topics in the areas of literacy, learning disorders, psychology, mindfulness, and movement.

Roots to Learning frequently checks all linked sites; however, I am not responsible for the content, nor do I necessarily endorse particular opinions found on these linked websites.

Roots to Learning is under construction until 6/1/20!

This site is a bit like a tree that has outgrown its container, so it’s time for some changes! And change is good!

But you know what they say about best-laid plans, so this site is continuing to exist as a work in progress, reflecting many of the changes as well as the rich learning and development I am undergoing personally and professionally this year (2019/2020).

Please continue to check back often for the most up-to-date information regarding my services, availability, and resources!  It is my goal to maintain this site more actively than in the past!

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